🇮🇱 Ronen Robin


Ronen is simply a magician when it comes to content creation and we could not be more excited to have him as a part of the Finest family. He has quickly grown to be a fan favourite amongst the Israeli gaming community with followers of all ages eagerly awaiting his next video upload. He is truly a gaming enthusiast, not only focusing on one game but rather a plethora of titles from Fortnite to Counterstrike and anything else that he believes to be intriguing. His skills stem from his creativity and his one of a kind ability to think outside the box as he creates content for his fans to enjoy. The sky’s the limit for Ronen and we cannot wait to be a part of his growth.

🇮🇱 Dan Gefen


Dan has elevated himself in the gaming world by harnessing his high-level play in Fortnite and combining it with his immense creativity. He began his youtube career posting his first video roughly four years ago and not even he himself could have imagined the success that he has had until now, accumulating close to 200,000 subscribers on his channel. We will do what is necessary to help propel him to even higher levels, providing the necessary resources and allowing him to utilize his creative mind as he sees fit!