🇩🇰 Sebastian Aagaard


Aagaard, known by his gamertag “Basso”, rounds out the roster adding a high degree of professionalism, skill and poise. Moreover, there will be an automatic team chemistry as Basso has already played alongside one of our Israeli stars, Shushan. The pair’s chemistry will allow for a seamless transition for the Danish superstar to shine.

🇪🇪 kristjan Allsaar


Kristjan, better recognized as Fejtz, joins Team Finest after a standout career in the Counterstrike scene. He is a world-class player that has caught the eye of the top teams in Europe. Not only has he experienced play at the highest level but he has done so as a part of renowned teams. His experience has given him the opportunity to take part in the biggest tournament stage and he does not shy away from the spotlight. We know that with Finest he will soon enough return to that stage without a doubt!

🇦🇿 Maksim Zaikin


Boasting a reputation as a top tier, world-class player, Maksim has checked off many boxes that emerging players can only dream about one day accomplishing. He has participated in the largest tournaments to take place, where his full skillset was on display as fans around the world took note. He has cemented himself as one of the greats and continues to prove that his reputation is validated. A seasoned veteran, he brings experience that simply cannot be taught and exemplifies professionalism at the highest pedigree. 

🇮🇱 Shiran Shushan


Shiran, known by his gamer tag Shushan, is an exceptional  talent and one of the top names to come out of Israel. Similar to Guy, he is a former Israeli national team player playing a pivotal role on that squad. Shiran did not grow up playing alone, he played alongside his younger brother “FlameZ” and like all brotherly rivalries they brought out the best in one another. 

🇮🇱 Tal Hahiashvilli


Meztal has just recently emerged in the Israeli CS:GO arena and is already making a case that he can be a top tier talent. His dedication and ambition paralleled with  his competitive attitude bring out a drive like no other and his play speaks for itself. Despite his juvenility in a professional setting, Tal displays composure and respect, a testament to his professionalism and evidence that he has a bright future ahead.


🇺🇸 Matthew David


dayV1D known internally as coach was brought to Finest in order to help develop our talent and take them to the next level. A natural leader, Matt comes with an extended resume that includes being a part of some large organizations. What separates him from other coaches is his unique ability to understand the mental component of the game and preach that to his players. He has created a trusting environment with the players by demonstrating to  them that he is dedicated to the team and all he asks in return is that same mentality.