🇮🇱 Ohad Avitbul


Ohad is another Israeli superstar, leaping onto the scene and immediately showcasing his skillset. He has continued to impress all that watch his gameplay and is continuously in the conversation regarding the top players in the country. Ohad has built himself quite a following as he produces incredible content onto his youtube challenge that leaves fans and gaming enthusiasts alike in awe.

🇮🇱 Ofek Nagar


Our very own Tekashi joins Team Finest as one of the most well known and recognized names in the Israeli Fortnite scene. His reputation precedes himself and his experience is almost unmatched. After growing his name in the country he has his eyes set on the global stage and is succeeding big time! He has done exceptionally well in multiple FNCS tournaments and has started to amass an international following as his name grows on the biggest stage of all.