New Content Creator – RonenGG

Team Finest is yet again making headlines in the Esports world as they have added a key piece to their organization.

Previously, the organization was led by three competitive teams competing in various titles. Their latest addition exceeds the boundaries of competitive gaming and crosses into a similar universe of streamers and content creators. 

Now official, Finest’s latest signing is Ronen Robin better known by his tag RonenGG. With origins in CS:GO, Ronen recognized that he was gaining a following and decided to pursue a career as a streamer, releasing unique content that his fans continue to rejoice over.

The strategic signing makes Ronen the first content creator signed by Finest. His role in the organization will be multifaceted as both the main promoter for the team, as well as the lead announcer during live matches.

The team’s decision to sign Ronen versus other viable candidates comes down to a fit in the DNA of the team. Ronen’s creative ideas and enthusiastic spirit paired with his professionalism and desire to do great are the pillars that Finest prides itself on. 

Interested in learning more about Team Finest, RonenGG or both? Follow their social accounts linked below and stay tuned!