New CSGO Roster

With the successful release of their Valorant roster, Team Finest continues to make strides in the Esports scene as a whole but specifically in Israel, making history as the first Israeli team to bring on full time professional players via contract.

While the team prides itself on its Israeli origins and will continue to do so as they expand, they have recognized and capitalized on the incredible talent from abroad. In doing so, they have also reached another milestone, being the first Israeli team composed of Israeli players as well as top tier European gamers. 

Their five man roster is evenly balanced in talent ranging from up and coming prospects to veterans of the game, everybody on the squad has a purpose and is ready to contribute their part in order to win. The ensemble of Nertz, Shushan, Meztal, t0rick, and Fejtz led by coach DayV1D rounds out a list of talent that most people would not want to go up against.

🇮🇱 Guy NertZ Iluz
🇮🇱 Shiran shushan shushan
🇮🇱 Tal meztal Hahiashvili
🇪🇪 Kristjan fejtZ Allsaar
🇦🇿 Maksim t0rick Zaikin
🇺🇸 Matthew DayV1D David – Coach

🇺🇸 Jeremy Jeremy9000 Gray – General Manager

Currently competing in the ESEA league as well as numerous tournaments, this Counter Strike team is ready to blaze an unforgiving path on their way to the top! To see the full roster video as well as to keep up to date with their progress make sure to follow the latest updates on our Twitter.