New FIFA Player – AsafTomer5

Following their recent wave of both team and player announcements, Team Finest is looking to continue their fiery path and keep their momentum rolling as they have recently signed Asaf Tomer to their roster.
The acquisition of .

🇮🇱 Asaf “AsafTomer5” Tomer to the Finest organization marks their entrance into the FIFA realm as they believe Asaf is the ace that can put their name on the scene. This marks the first FIFA player Finest has ever signed and is a statement to the Esports community that they are ready to take over no matter the game title. Although relatively new in the FIFA local community, Asaf has already garnered a reputation as one of the top FIFA players in Israel. His global rankings place him second amongst his fellow Israelis and he is only looking to continue climbing up. Recently, Asaf made strides internationally, taking home first prize 🥇 in the Nevise Cup #3 tournament, regularly defeating pro players, and showing everybody that he means business.

Prior to signing with Finest, Asaf’s goal was to be the best in the FIFA Esports competitive scene. While his goal has not wavered, what has changed is that as he continues to work towards his goal he will be doing so proudly wearing his Finest kit.
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