New Valorant Player – MOLSI

We are super excited to announce and welcome our newest Valorant player, MOLSI.

Michał Łącki known in the Esports scene as MOLSI joins our squad all the way from Poland! He is an ex-CSGO pro player, brining his first person shooter experience to the Valorant scene.
He is a huge talent and has already made an impact representing in a Finest jersey, helping our Valorant squad win the Versus Legends tournament! We know it’s just the first of many accomplishments for our star-studded team!

Molsi about joining Team Finest:
“Hi everyone! As of today I am joining Team Finest. Its an Israeli organisation in which my teammates will be:
In the meantime me and the boys have managed to win VERSUS Legends as well as get to closed quals of Red Bull Home Ground.
What helped me make the decision to join Team Finest? I really wanted to play Sova as its an agent which I feel the most comfortable with.
From day one I enjoyed the atmosphere as well as I loved the approach towards the game from the players and the organisation itself.
During our first official games on TeamSpeak we’ve had the support of our coach as well as a psychologist, which I’ve liked a lot. I hope that with my help we can reach TOP5!
Next stop-VCT! Cross your fingers!”