New Valorant Team

After a much anticipated wait, the time has finally come, as Team Finest officially revealed their Valorant roster! Packed with talent, this team is ready to shake up the competitive scene!

For Finest, their roster reveal means more than just a team, it is an immense accomplishment as they become the first Israeli Valorant team to sign their players to professional contracts. This leap elevated Finest’s reputation as a legitimate organization and aligns with the founding goals of the team.

Manning the prestigious title as captain, Gilad AKA ALIVE, is ready to take his team to the next level. Rounding out the rest of the squad are none other than: Resident, Ponkt, ShonP and Kpiz. Their mentor and coach are Spin, and he is ready to guide his team both on and off the field in order to make them championship ready!

🇮🇱 Ben RECIDENT Battash
🇮🇱 Gilad ALIVE Hakim
🇮🇱 Daniel ponkt Punkt
🇮🇱 Shon ShonP Trikisha
🇬🇧 Jack kpiz Pragnell
🇬🇧 Peter Spin Bradford – Coach

🇺🇸 Jeremy Jeremy9000 Gray – General Manager

With the announcement of the new team, Finest has set its aim on taking the league by storm and conquering it. They have already played in several tournaments and are currently ranked number (ranking) in Europe.

To follow along with Finest’s Valorant team on their conquest for greatness and to watch the complete roster reveal trailer be sure to check out their social media channels linked below.