We are extremely excited to finally announce that we have launched a brand new tournament series that will change the Israeli Esports landscape. ONESHOT is a year round tournament series that covers different titles and allows local Israelis that believe they have what it takes to be a pro to show what they are capable […]

Welcome XMS to Team Finest

Our Valorant squad has just completed its new look, completing its 5-man roster with the addition of Alexandre Forte. Going by the gamertag XMS, Alexandre made his mark on the Esports scene as a CS:GO superstar, known as one of the top French players in that title. Now with Team Finest, he will look to […]

Welcome DRAFTS to Team Finest

As we keep looking forward and growing Team Finest to new heights, we are pleased to welcome the addition of Roy Topf to our organization! A local legend, better known as Drafts within the Esports scene, joins our staff as a social media manager. Roy has the perfect combination of creativity, brand growth and deep […]

New CSGO Player – Basso

We are proud and excited to officially announce our latest signing to our Counter-Strike team, Sebastian Basso Aagaard. Aagaard, known by his gamertag “Basso”, rounds out the roster adding a high degree of professionalism, skill and poise. Moreover, there will be an automatic team chemistry as Basso has already played alongside one of our Israeli […]

New Valorant Player – MOLSI

We are super excited to announce and welcome our newest Valorant player, MOLSI. Michał Łącki known in the Esports scene as MOLSI joins our squad all the way from Poland! He is an ex-CSGO pro player, brining his first person shooter experience to the Valorant scene.He is a huge talent and has already made an […]

New FIFA Player – AsafTomer5

Following their recent wave of both team and player announcements, Team Finest is looking to continue their fiery path and keep their momentum rolling as they have recently signed Asaf Tomer to their roster.The acquisition of . 🇮🇱 Asaf “AsafTomer5” Tomer to the Finest organization marks their entrance into the FIFA realm as they believe Asaf […]

New Fortnite Player – Ohad

In their latest quest to conquer the Esports scene, Team Finest has made an acquisition of mass proportions, adding superstar Ohad to their Fortnite roster. Ohad has already made quite a name for himself in the local Israeli community, accumulating a sizable fan base which includes over 20 thousand subscribers on his youtube channel. The […]

Genesis Cup Sombras Champions

On Thursday November 26th, 2020, Team Finest’s very own Valorant Team became the first ever Israeli team to win a tournament of such magnitude and prestige. The road to glory was not simple in the slightest and the team had to overcome adversity as they battled their way to the top. The tournament did not […]

New CSGO Roster

With the successful release of their Valorant roster, Team Finest continues to make strides in the Esports scene as a whole but specifically in Israel, making history as the first Israeli team to bring on full time professional players via contract. While the team prides itself on its Israeli origins and will continue to do […]

New Valorant Team

After a much anticipated wait, the time has finally come, as Team Finest officially revealed their Valorant roster! Packed with talent, this team is ready to shake up the competitive scene! For Finest, their roster reveal means more than just a team, it is an immense accomplishment as they become the first Israeli Valorant team […]

New Content Creator – RonenGG

Team Finest is yet again making headlines in the Esports world as they have added a key piece to their organization. Previously, the organization was led by three competitive teams competing in various titles. Their latest addition exceeds the boundaries of competitive gaming and crosses into a similar universe of streamers and content creators.  Now […]

Who is Team Finest

Making a splash in the ever growing world that is Esports, comes an intriguing new development from Israel. In a country known for its innovation and start up scene, keeping those skills and translating them into various industries can be a real advantage.  Two gaming enthusiasts, Ruvik Milkis and Yotam Nachshon did exactly that, becoming […]