Who is Team Finest

Making a splash in the ever growing world that is Esports, comes an intriguing new development from Israel. In a country known for its innovation and start up scene, keeping those skills and translating them into various industries can be a real advantage. 

Two gaming enthusiasts, Ruvik Milkis and Yotam Nachshon did exactly that, becoming founders of Team Finest. From the onset, their goal was to make Finest the first professional Esports organization in Israel, separating themselves from the crowd and showing those around that they mean business! Currently, they have made immense strides in reaching that goal, securing a monetary investment from media tech company, RadarZero.

This strategic partnering has allowed them to focus on their passions at the highest degree as the organization now boasts various teams that compete in games and tournaments at the highest level. Signing exceptional talent both from Israel and abroad, they have focused on developing top level Valorant, CounterStrike as well as Fortnite teams. 

As they continue to forge their own path, the organization has big plans to expand operations into other titles. While staying humble to their roots in Israel, they see themselves at the top of the European scene as well as countries around the world and will not stop until Team Finest is a household name around the globe!

If you would like to follow the team’s growth, whether it is latest news, scores or highlights you can follow their social media accounts linked below.