🇮🇱 Ben Battash


Ben joins Finest as one of the early CS:GO players in the country. His origins in the first person shooter has allowed him to transcend his skills to the new and exciting Valorant scene. He has quickly earned the reputation of an elite level player amongst the league and is credited with being one of the best breach players in Europe. As he continues to excel he will only continue to climb the ranks and bring glory to Finest!

🇮🇱 Gilad Hakim


Unlike his aforementioned teammates, Gilad steps onto the Valorant scene with a different gaming background and subsequently a different yet necessary skill set. His gaming resume boasts an exceptional tenure in the Overwatch scene, where he was considered one of the top players. Not surprisingly, he has not missed a beat, as he is already considered on the top Valorant players in Europe, dominating every match he plays. 

🇮🇱 Daniel Punkt


Ponkt is another CS:GO veteran in regards to the local Israeli scene. He has taken his talents worldwide, competing in numerous Counter Strike tournaments and becoming well established as an Israeli gamer that you do not want to go up against. Bearing his title, Daniel has made the leap over to Valorant and has already showcased his potential not only to be good but to be one of the greats in the game.

🇵🇱 Michał Łącki


Michał Łącki known in the Esports scene as MOLSI joins our squad all the way from Poland! He is an ex-CSGO pro player, brining his first person shooter experience to the Valorant scene.
He is a huge talent and has already made an impact representing in a Finest jersey, helping our Valorant squad win the Versus Legends tournament! We know it’s just the first of many accomplishments for our star-studded team!

🇫🇷 Alexandre Forte


Alexandre made his mark on the Esports scene as a CS:GO superstar, known as one of the top French players in that title. Now with Team Finest, he will look to garner a similar reputation this time under the Valorant realm. His expertise in first person shooters allows him to join our squad without missing a beat!


🇬🇧 Peter Bradford


Manning our Valorant squad is none other than Peter Bradfort known by his tag Spin. Peter is relatively new as it pertains to the coaching side and as a result, his strength is his fresh approach to conditioning his players. Whereas some coaches are defensive or offensive-minded, Spin is multifaceted and is able to understand the game at a level deeper than most. We are confident that his wisdom will help propel our team to the next level!