Welcome XMS to Team Finest

Our Valorant squad has just completed its new look, completing its 5-man roster with the addition of Alexandre Forte.

Going by the gamertag XMS, Alexandre made his mark on the Esports scene as a CS:GO superstar, known as one of the top French players in that title. Now with Team Finest, he will look to garner a similar reputation this time under the Valorant realm. His expertise in first person shooters allows him to join our squad without missing a beat! 

The former Envy, Team LDLC, and Team Heretics CS:GO player confirms his transition to Valorant by joining the Israeli organisation. Before this move, he briefly played for Almost International alongside B1GGY. With his new teammates, he finished first in second qualifier for the Nicecactus February Trophy ahead of the Polish Pit Stop.

We look forward to seeing the continued success of our Valorant team as they continue to climb the leaderboards and cannot wait to see XMS contribute to that success.